How To Use GermBarriers 200 Cleaner and Disinfectant


GermBarriers 200 is a heavy duty disinfectant/cleaner that is virucidal and bactericidal.

It kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria plus mold, mildew and fungus on contact.

It continues to provide protection for a week or more!

EPA / Governmental Concerns

  • In addition to close contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces, there is a possibility that “ spread of COVID-19 may also occur via airborne particles in indoor environments; in some circumstances beyond the 2m (about 6 ft) range encouraged by social distancing recommendations”. (where does the quote start?)
  • The layout and design of a building, as well as occupancy and type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, can all impact potential airborne spread of the virus. 
  • The EPA recommends precautions to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of the virus. These precautions include increasing ventilation with outdoor air and air filtration as part of a larger strategy that includes social distancing, wearing cloth face coverings or masks, surface cleaning and disinfecting, hand washing, and other precautions.

Experts agree

  • The best way to improve indoor air quality is by regularly maintaining your heating and cooling systems. In HVAC systems, poorly maintained Condenser and Evaporator coils, dirty Filters and Air Ducts, hinder the removal of mold, dust bacteria, and viruses (beyond COVID) from the air circulated within the indoor space, and restrict the amount of outdoor air coming indoors.
  • Recommend that the Condenser and evaporator coils and condenser pan should be cleaned at least twice annually, air filters should be cleaned or changed at least monthly, and air ducts cleaned when buildup gets bad enough that it affects air quality or every five years, which ever comes first. People will first notice as their personal health may suffer while they’re at work. The most sensitive people will notice first.
For Cleaning AND Disinfecting: Spray, Wipe, Spray, then Let Dry

The GermBarrier advantage

  • GermBarriers 200 is designed to be used as one component of a comprehensive HVAC and duct maintenance program. The purpose of such a program is to assure that the HVAC system and ducts function in the manner they were designed to, remain free from microbial growth and other contamination, and continue in that condition.
  • Contamination: HVAC systems should be operated in a clean condition. If significant accumulations of contaminants or debris are visually observed within the HVAC system, then cleaning is necessary. Likewise, if evidence of microbial growth is visually observed or confirmed by analytical methods, then cleaning is required. If the HVAC system discharges visible particulate into the occupied space, or a significant contribution of airborne particles from the HVAC system into the indoor ambient air is confirmed, then cleaning is necessary. Heat exchange coils, cooling coils, air flow control devices, filtration devices, and air-handling equipment determined to have restrictions, blockages, or contamination deposits that may cause system performance inefficiencies, air flow degradation, or that may significantly affect the design intent of the HVAC system, require cleaning. Drain pans must be free from slime and sludge or other contamination. Badly rusted or corroded drain pans must either be repaired or replaced. Fans and Fan Housings: Must be free from accumulations of microbial growth and particulate matter. Filters: Must be in good condition and cleaned or replaced as needed to avoid exceeding the allowable pressure drop for the equipment.
  • Building management professionals continue to use Germ Barriers in the disinfection and maintenance of air handling systems. They have found impressive positive results in reducing the build-up of harmful microbes and algaes in the aluminum heat transfer coils, increasing the performance efficiency of the system, and in reducing the mold, fungi and dust in the air ducts that can affect the occupant’s health.
  • On a semi-annual  basis, when the HVAC system is not operating, accessible aluminum coils, after cleaning, are ULV sprayed and disinfected with Germ Barriers 200. The surfaces are given the sufficient 10-15 minutes to adequately dry. The coils are then ULV sprayed with GermBarriers 500, that is EPA approved to be applied on HVAC systems, and this coating, when dried, provides a static barrier for long lasting (six months or more) germ barrier protection to prevent, reduce, and eliminate harmful microbes and algaes.from the aluminum coils. 
  • As a non-acid disinfectant, GermBarriers 200 will not dissolve the protective oxide on aluminum, and the protective coatings of GermBarriers 200 and Germ Barriers 500 provide a shield to prevent-pit type corrosion in the walls of aluminum tubing.
  • When replacing or cleaning the air filters, the air filters are sprayed with Germ Barriers 200. The organosiline  solution adheres to the filter fabric, and the positively charged nitrogen neutralizes and kills the negatively charged bacteria, and inhibits virus growth. Dangerous pathogens, which could slip through the air filter otherwise, are eliminated. 
  • GermBarriers 200 is sprayed  into exposed air ducts as well as on known problematic surfaces  (stress corrosion cracking) to eliminate bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses on these surface. GermBarriers 200 is applied during typical cleaning protocols as well as during times when the buildings are unoccupied. In addition, the interior cleaning crews spray the air ducts from inside the buildings, providing added inhibition protection as the air is circulated in the interior rooms and spaces.

Health of Workers who are cleaning and disinfecting the HVAC

  • HVAC cleaning and disinfectant  disinfecting is accomplished in unique use sites where may of the components are typically inaccessible.
  • GermBarriers does not provide human, surface and environmental toxicity as can be obtained by using products that are bleach or vinegar based.

Building Operators

  • Have determined very positive results in the efficiency of the HVAC system under normal operating conditions. These building operators have also experienced reduced mold, mildew and algae implications when the HVAC systems have been turned off for an extended period of time.



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